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hi should i stream comic work?

Posted on Jun 17, 2013
Tagged: #reverse!kevedd #kevedd #asphytext

51 notes:

  1. selfdestructiveghost answered: yes
  2. berryhime answered: you should always stream comic work what are you saying u lil string bean
  3. pastaprincess answered: If your heart is telling you to, then you should do it my dear friend!
  4. jokersplaything answered: A lot of people would love if you do. That’s including me too :}
  5. yamiwhoo answered: if you so desire :)
  6. pitviperofdoom answered: Please dooooooo
  7. whatsyonamebro answered: yis
  8. soulgems answered: yesss!! ~ <3
  9. romantic-child answered: Yea
  10. theultimaterainicorn answered: yessss do it
  11. catinthefedora answered: Sure
  12. caprisun-king answered: How would you think the answer to this was not yes?
  13. ivorybyrd answered: yes
  14. midnightwhitetiger answered: YESSSS OMFG YES!!
  15. tazilp answered: yus! :)
  16. tsundererory answered: if you want to
  17. aroundourhearts answered: Only if you want
  18. aspiesaurus answered: Yes, if you want to!
  19. mashinyourpotatoes answered: yes yes!
  20. h3rdrawings answered: YESH
  21. albinon14 answered: Yes!
  22. va-nellas answered: Yeeeees