attack on titan - 小林未郁
a s p h y

"Give it to me." He demanded, eyes almost furious behind their large frames. Kevin’s brows were furrowed, his breath heavy.

”..W..What.” Nat stared, unable to read the look in those god damn eyes. 

"The wrench? Right beside you? Dude you with it today?" Kevin shook his head. 

Nat blinked.. oh. -“…Oh, shit, right, here.”- …No. Today was not going to be another one of those days that Nat went the entire duration mulling about /everything/ Kevin said. Today was not going to be one of those days that he let things slip by. Today was not going to be another day closer to losing his best friend…


Before Kevin could fully turn to answer, Nat was on top of him. One of Nat’s hands wrapped around his neck to press against the back of Kevin’s head while the other held at his jawline. 

He didn’t really give Kevin the time to react, and god, he didn’t want to. He knew the answer, he knew the results. Just kiss me back, he thought, no, he pleaded. Please, just kiss me back.

The moment intensified as Kevin’s hands came up to grab at Nat’s shoulders, fingers curling into the fabric of his shirt as he forced him back, following his movements across the floor until they hit Kevin’s bed and tumbled back. Mouth crashed against mouth, Kevin scrambling to climb on top of the other, straddling and settling down against his hips while he tugged at his shirt. 

Was this actually happening? Nat stared in wonder - but only for a moment before Kevin came crashing down again, ravenous in his assault on Nat’s already wet lips. 

What about Eddward. What about Rave. What about - 

"Take it off." Kevin huffed beneath heavy breath, nails dragging across Nathan’s shirt.

"Yeah okay, okay."- A smile started across his face, hands moving to grab at the bottom of his shirt and lift it up and over his head, discarding it to the floor there after. Nat leaned back, his hands settling against his best friend’s hips, pulling them forward into a grind before pushing them back.. his eyes rolling back with the movement. Jesus christ.

"What do you want, Nathan?"- Kevin’s voice was laced with intent, dripping in a coyness very unlike him. At least, that’s what he thought

"I.."- His chest tightened. 


"I want you, Kevin." 

"Kevin, huh?" A voice cut through the atmosphere, furious eyes setting on Nathan from above. The football player’s eyes widened, blinking hard, staring up at the smaller figure that was in his lap. 

"You..were thinking about him again, weren’t you?"- 

"…N..No I-" He stammered. He couldn’t lie. 

"… Goodbye Nat." The weight in his lap left, leaving him to scramble after the smaller heading out the door. 


… Fuck. Hands grabbed at his hair, tightening in it. God. DAMMIT.

Posted on May 19, 2013
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